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Welcome to The Productivity Company. We are excited to announce our collaboration with The Performance Excellence Network. We look forward to training ambitious professionals in the methodology of Lean Six Sigma as a means to achieve Performance Excellence.

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TPC is an online learning platform dedicated to providing lifelong learning for individuals and organizations alike. Here you can find our assortment of online courses on the subject of Lean Six Sigma, developed together with our sister company, The Lean Six Sigma Company.

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that helps you achieve Performance Excellence through a structured and data-driven approach to process improvement. This means optimizing your processes by eliminating any wasteful steps they may contain, minimizing the chance of defects, and consistently delivering maximum added value to customers.

Online Lean Six Sigma courses

Our online courses revolve around the methods, tools and techniques found in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, and teach you how to put them into practice. These courses are easily accessible at any level, from the shop floor to the boardroom. They can be used to familiarize employees with the methodology, prepare for official certification, or to simply gain a more in-depth understanding of a specific subject.


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Yellow Belt including PEN Membership from $375 for $249


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Instead of becoming a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt for $249 and joining the Performance Excellence Network for $125 separately, why not do both for the price of one? Purchase the Online Yellow Belt course now at the price of $249 and gain instant membership to the Performance Excellence Network!
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The Healthcare Yellow Belt course is an introduction to Lean Six Sigma within the context of healthcare. Much like the standard Yellow Belt, it introduces participants to the structure, core concepts and underlying mindset of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

This course was developed in close collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to ensure that the course content was properly adjusted for application within a healthcare environment where the aim is to provide world-class care.



5S is part of the Lean Six Sigma methodology but also offers an excellent stand-alone method to manage any workplace or office. 5S allows you to create an optimal workplace that is always ready-for-use. In this course you will learn how to apply 5S to your workplace.

Learning formula TPC

We pride ourselves on our learning formula, of which the goal is to make online courses accessible, effective, useful and fun. This formula is the basis of our entire course development process, as we believe in a thorough approach to achieving this goal.

Bite-sized learning

We believe online learning should be accessible. You should be able to pop in and out of your studies at a moment’s notice. That is why each lesson in our courses can be completed in roughly 20 minutes. Each video clip takes no longer than 5 minutes (with a few exceptions), ensuring that you won’t be overwhelmed with knowledge and jargon, and can spend the rest of the lesson absorbing and reinforcing the course content.


Effective knowledge transfer

Our online courses make use of the principle of goal-oriented learning, and each lesson is structured in learning goals according to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational objectives. Additionally, each lesson contains a variety of learning aids in order to reinforce your learning and improve knowledge retention. These learning aids range from videos and written text to infographics, images and quizzes.


It may not be something that is easily quantified or measured, but we do our best to make our online courses fun and engaging. Our platform is designed to stimulate your learning, and is packed with interesting facts and examples. We’re passionate about online learning, and hope to share this passion with you as well. And if you have any suggestions for improvement, we’re always eager to hear it. That’s what Continuous Improvement is all about, after all.