Get to know our team!

Sometimes it’s nice to know the faces behind your online courses. We produce our courses as a team, rather than just publishing videos from anyone with a webcam and calling it education. As a team we are driven by a passion for e-learning and productivity, and consider it our mission to make learning fun again. But while we all share this goal and drive, we each have unique personalities that make our team so effective and fun to work with.

So read more and get to know the faces behind the logo!

Tom Lindsen

Director, Head of Marketing

Tom is our Founder, Director and Head of Marketing. As the fearless leader of this motley crew of e-learning enthusiasts, he charts our course in these treacherous waters of professional education, and decides on the actions needed to keep us afloat and ever-victorious.
His love and passion for e-learning are surpassed only by his superhuman discipline and impeccable entrepreneurship. I’m not being paid to write this, I swear.

Maurice Doppert

Commercial Advisor, Head of Sales

Maurice serves as both our Commercial Advisor and Head of Sales. With his extensive experience in the world of commerce, Maurice is invaluable to us in his capacity as Commercial Advisor. Even so, he prefers to keep his feet on the ground, and prefers to be the main point of contact for our partners, students and other interested parties, serving as our Head of Sales. Whenever he’s not in call with anyone, he’s busy whipping our team in shape and shouting at us that we lack discipline.

Mischa van Aalten

Strategic Advisor

Ruthless executive, eccentric billionaire and master martial artist; none of these words describe Mischa, but they sure sound intimidating. Mischa is the Managing Director of The Lean Six Sigma Company Group; in this capacity he is strongly involved with The Productivity Company, which is one of its sister companies. His main role is serving as a Strategic Advisor to us, based on his successful management of the International ‘The Lean Six Sigma Company’ group of companies.

Max Den Hartog

Head of Platform Development, Head of IT

Max is our Lead Platform Designer and resident IT-guy. Max is King of the Castle when it comes to our website and the courses on our platform. He keeps everything running smoothly. Like a vengeful and capricious god, we try to keep him appeased in order to prevent our house from crumbling into ruin. Lucky for us, he’s a pretty nice guy.

Geert Brokking

Marketing Manager at The Lean Six Sigma Company NL

Geert is Manager of Marketing at The Lean Six Sigma Company NL. We only included him on this page because we like him, and he has no other friends. Whenever he’s not being forced to make coffee or weave intricate marketing campaigns, we try to borrow him for our team so that we can utilize his prodigious marketing prowess to our own ends.

Christian Doppert

Head of Course Development, Writer

Christian is our Lead Course Developer and Writer. Chris manages the development of all our courses and writes most of our website content, including this page. He feels a little awkward writing about himself in the third person, but has resolved to grit his teeth and do it anyway.
If not for his rapier wit and offbeat humor, our team would likely wither in spirit and suffer an immense loss of productivity.

Boyd Plasmeijer


Boyd is our videographer, which means he does all of the filming, editing and actual legwork required to get our course videos up and running. As far as we’re concerned, Boyd is the Quentin Tarantino of professional education, a visual spellbinder hellbent on both educating and entertaining; and doing so within the limitless cosmos that is his imagination. And our budget.

Dennis Osseweijer

Freelance Visual Designer – Oxcraft

Dennis works as a Freelance Visual Designer under the name Oxcraft. Almost all the visuals on our platform were handcrafted by the master himself, forged in the flames of this mad visionary’s desolate workshop. Thus far, he has graced us with his works, and continues to serve as the artistic engine behind our professional locomotion.