Lean Six Sigma Preparation Pack

Enrolled in a Green Belt or Black Belt classroom course? Get the perfect preparation in just a few hours with the Lean Six Sigma Preparation Pack. Enjoy a full overview of the methodology and its underlying mindset, along with a thorough overview of the basic Statistics used during the classroom course. Just don’t tell everyone, or the course might get too easy!
Why choose this course?
Enrolled in a Green Belt or Black Belt classroom course? Get the perfect preparation in just a few hours with the Lean Six Sigma Preparation Pack. Enjoy a full overview of the methodology and its underlying mindset, along with a thorough overview of the basic Statistics used during the classroom course. Just don’t tell everyone, or the course might get too easy!


5-10 hours

The duration of the two courses combined.



This bundle is the ideal preparation for your classroom Green Belt or Black Belt course.


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174.00 139.00 incl. VAT

Product Quantity

This bundle contains the following courses


Yellow Belt

After successful completion of this online Yellow Belt course, you will have a basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma mindset, the philosophy, as well as Lean Six Sigma methods and tools. As a certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, you will be able to provide a valuable contribution to Continuous Improvement initiatives within your organisation.

129.00 incl. VAT

Basic Statistics for Six Sigma

In this online Basic Statistics for Six Sigma course you will learn the basic principles of Statics necessary for the Six Sigma methodology. After this course you will understand all the Statistics that you are expected to know in the Green Belt classroom course.
45.00 incl. VAT


The courses in this bundle were developed in close collaboration with The Lean Six Sigma Company, an international provider of courses on the subject of the renowned Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology. The Lean Six Sigma Company is active in more than 15 countries worldwide, having offices in England, The Netherlands, Spain, Canada and more.

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Reasons for choosing this course

Lean Six Sigma as a mindset and a methodology

Get to know both the mindset behind Lean Six Sigma and its structure as a methodology. Typically you will only learn about the tools and methods, but now you’ll get to experience the mentality and reasoning behind the methodology as well. After all, Lean Six Sigma is more than just a methodology.

A solid foundation in statistics

Statistics - The word itself evokes fear and awe. Statistics are an important component of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, but often pose the largest hurdle for participants to overcome. With this solid foundation in the basic statistics required, you will enter the classroom with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect and how to tackle it.

Experience ‘the click’ on day one

There’s a moment when everything just ‘clicks’. All the information you’ve absorbed comes together and you understand exactly what it’s all about. This is the moment when you become a Lean Six Sigma professional at heart. Now normally this takes a few days in the classroom. But why not leap ahead and experience this epiphany on day one?

Learn wherever and whenever you want

Prepare at home, during breaks or even during a particularly boring train commute. Each lesson is short and to the point, with no time limits on lessons or quizzes.

After this course

Receive an official certificate from The Lean Six Sigma Company, Europe’s leading provider of education in process improvement! This international certificate acknowledges your new background, knowledge and skills, and serves as proof that you are actively working on your professional development.

Product Quantity

You will be ready for the classroom course

With your grasp of the foundations of Lean Six Sigma, you’ll be fully prepared to enter the classroom. Instead of entering a whole new world, you will simply be continuing a journey you’ve already started.

You won’t be the bottleneck

Now that the base mysteries of the methodology have been dispelled, you won’t need to ask any beginner questions. You know what to ask before the tutor has started speaking. Save yourself and your fellow participants time and get to focus on the real issues right away.

You will be more at ease with Statistics

Once you’ve gotten down the basics, the rest will follow. You’ll have a much easier time understanding how Statistics are utilized within the Lean Six Sigma framework, and can take on the more complex calculations with renewed vigor and confidence.

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