Self Study Pack Lean Practitioner

This online course will prepare you for the official Lean Practitioner exam issued by The Lean Six Sigma Company. It serves as the first step for the ISO18404 and ISO13053-certified Lean Practitioner course. After succesfully passing the theoretical exam you can move forward with the Practical Assignment.
Why choose this course?
This online course will prepare you for the official Lean Practitioner exam issued by The Lean Six Sigma Company. It serves as the first step for the ISO18404 and ISO13053-certified Lean Practitioner course. After succesfully passing the theoretical exam you can move forward with the Practical Assignment.


30 hours

Contains 39 lessons




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This bundle contains the following courses


Lean Practitioner Flow

750.00 incl. VAT

Kaizen Event course

After successful completion of this Kaizen Event online course, you will have a good understanding of what Kaizen entails and how to run a Kaizen event. You will be able to prepare, organize and execute a successful Kaizen event and know how to ensure an effective and successful implementation and follow-up, to ensure lasting change.

75.00 incl. VAT

5S Management

After successful completion of this online course, you will understand what 5S Management is, and how to apply it in a practical context. You will be given a complete overview of 5S management and given all the practical advice and examples you need in order to master this effective workplace management tool.
65.00 incl. VAT

A3 Management

How can a paper format contribute to your productivity? There’s too many answers to that question to contain in this product summary, so you’ll have to follow the course to find out. A3 Management is the Lean Six Sigma solution to awkward project structures and ineffective communication. If you need a clear project set-up and communication structure that just works, look no further. In this course you will learn how to start using A3 Management right away, what pitfalls to avoid and why A3 is more than just a paper format.
89.00 incl. VAT

Value Stream Mapping

What’s in a process? Our work is built up out of many interconnected processes, some of which seem needlessly complex and opaque. Learn how to map your processes, untangle that mess and restructure for maximum efficiency.
Value Stream Mapping is a Lean Six Sigma tool designed for just that purpose; gain insight into your process and cut out all the waste. In this online course we’ll dissect the Value Stream Mapping technique and make sure that none of the details and nuances will escape you. No process will be safe from your analytical process!

65.00 incl. VAT


This course was developed by The Lean Six Sigma Company, an international provider of courses on the subject of the renowned Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology. The Lean Six Sigma Company is active in more than 15 countries worldwide, having offices in The United States, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Canada and a dozen more.

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Reasons for choosing this course

Already 8000+ students trained online

The Productivity Company has already trained over 8000 students with their online courses, and has had extensive experience in exporting and enhancing classroom course content on their platform.

Not just a webinar, it's an interactive online course!

Unlike some hastily cobbled together online courses and last-minute webinars, the content and learning platform for this course have been in development for some time. We were still shocked by this sudden COVID-19 pandemic, and had to work hard to complete this project, but luckily most of the work was already finished.

Economic pricing

All of the knowledge and skills a LEAN PRACTITIONER needs, at just a fraction of the price! Online learning is cheaper, more efficient and in our humble opinion, just as much fun.

Additional In-depth courses

Apart from The Lean Six Sigma Company’s course content, this course also bundles several of The Productivity Company’s Lean Six Sigma courses in order to further augment and supplement the course content. Each of these additional online courses offers partial certification for specific curriculum subjects.

Interactive Distance Learning

Stuck at a specific topic? Hungry for deeper insights? Included in this course is the possibility of contacting one of our experienced Master Black Belts to gain more insight into the course content or ask questions when you need assistance. Distance learning

After this course

People should have the opportunity to learn more about process improvement. And we are more than happy to provide!

Online proctored exam

At the end of the course you will gain access to the online theoretical exam. This is a proctored exam that can be taken at only at specific times. This is the same online exam as that of the classroom course and grants you full theory certification.

Project guidance in your local language

While this course is only available in English, you will be supported at a distance from a Lean Six Sigma expert in your local language, if available.

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Prepare to become a Lean Practitioner

Now temporarily available as an online course.

The online Lean Practitioner preparation course is the ideal course for anyone interested in becoming a Continuous Improvement professional with a focus on employing Lean methods and tools. The Lean practitioner is the initiator of Lean improvement processes and Lean implementation. A hands-on professional whose objective is to develop the perfect process and inspire those involved to do better on a daily basis.The Lean Practitioner has an excellent command of the Lean methods and tools, is familiar with Lean principles and inspires others to participate in the improvement process. Within organizations Lean Practitioners are the specialists who make organizations excel and enthusiastically transfer the Lean principles onto others.

The first Lean Practitioner Self Study course!

This online course is based entirely on the international and independent ISO 18404 and ISO 13053 standards for Lean Six Sigma. At the end of this course, you will have learned all of the theory expected from you in the international Lean Six Sigma community and you will given the opportunity to schedule your  official Black Belt theory exam.

Learn how online learning works

This course will also give you immediate access to our free ‘Learning How to Learn’ course, in which you will learn some of the theory behind learning, and how to make the most out of our online learning platform!

This online course is the direct result of combining the vast experience and breadth of knowledge of our Lean Six Sigma specialists with the knowledge and expertise of our online learning specialists. Our online learning platform has been in development and use for the last few years. Our e-learning solution is based on multiple theories of learning, such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and Kolb’s learning styles, in order to facilitate learning for a diverse range of learning styles. Learn more about the Productivity Company’s philosophy here!

In addition to containing self-test quizzes per lesson and a mock exam,  this course also grants access to the official Black Belt theory certification exam upon completion. The theory exam can be scheduled individually and is a requirement for undertaking the practical exam. 

One of the limitations that come with traditional classroom courses is that the content has to be limited due to time constraints. In this course you will find the full wealth of course content that a Lean Six Sigma programme has to offer. And the best part? You can complete it all at your own pace!

The Lean Practitioner course consists of 7 Core lessons and multiple supplementary courses that delve deeper into specific subjects. At the end of this course you will be given access to the official Lean Practitioner exam, which rewards certification upon successful completion. In roughly 30 hours you will be guided through all the vital knowledge a Lean Practitioner should understand and will learn how to apply the main principles of Lean. 

1. Lean Practitioner core module (7 lessons)
2. Kaizen Event (7 lessons)
3. 5S Management (7 lessons)
4. A3 Management (10 lessons)
5. Value Stream Mapping (5 lessons)
6. Stand-up Improvement board (8 lessons)
7. Learning How to Learn (3 lessons)

– Lean philosophy, history and background 
– Lean, Theory of Constraints and PDCA
– The 5 principles of Womack
– Value add and non-value add
– The 7+1 types of waste 
– Value stream mapping
– Flow
– Line balancing & Takt time 
– Pull and Little’s law
– Dealing with resistance 
Poka Yoke
– 5S and Visual Management
Kaizen Events
– A3 management
– 5 times Why
– Creative tools
– Team composition
– Stand-up (improvement boards)

1. Introduction of the Lean Philosophy
2. Principle 1 and 2: Specify value and create the Value Stream Map
3. Principle 3: Create Flow
4. Principle 4: Create Pull when Flow is not feasible
5. Principle 5: Pursuit of Perfection
6. Change Management
7. Kaizen Events and A3 Management

Online Lean Practitioner (25 hour course): For prices, see the top of this page.


Upon successfully completing a Lean Six Sigma training you will be awarded an ‘official’ certificate. How can you make sure this certificate represents the very value you were looking for. In the following video tutorial, it is explained what elements you have to take into account to determine the value of the certification provided. Learn more by clicking here.