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Who are we?

We are The Productivity Company. We provide online courses on how to become more productive, both at work and beyond. But if you’ve come to this page, then it’s likely you’ve already figured that out. So instead of pointing out the obvious, we’d like to tell you more about why we do what we do, who we really are and what drives us as an organization.

Our Mission – Lifelong Learning for Everyone

Are you familiar with the concept of lifelong learning? It holds that the key to success in life is to never stop learning; to strive for continuous improvement in everything you do. As you can tell, we strongly subscribe to this idea.

And we’re not the only ones. The world is abuzz with people championing lifelong learning. Companies all around the world expect their employees to develop themselves in their free time. Even governments are trying to promote lifelong learning, seeing it as a necessity for a functional society. It just…doesn’t sound very fun, does it?

From our experience, uttering the phrase lifelong learning evokes little more than a noncommittal sigh. Time is in short supply; our work lives are busier than ever and we still have friends and family that require our love and attention. Telling us we’re going to have to make time for lifelong learning generally isn’t received with enthusiasm, even though we all agree that it’s important.

Changing that is our mission. We want to make lifelong learning fun again. Something that doesn’t just fit into your daily life easily, but comes naturally. Learning shouldn’t feel like a chore or a struggle; it should be a lifestyle.

Our Vision – Accessible, effective, useful and fun

In order to achieve our mission, to make lifelong learning truly flourish, we set out our vision on how to accomplish this. We want to provide a learning experience that can be done at any time and place, by anyone with the will to do so. Learning that is effective and imparts knowledge and skills that truly help improve your life. And most importantly, we want people to enjoy it. To sum it up, we need learning to be accessible, effective, useful and fun.

To us, online courses were the obvious vessel to achieve this. Online courses are available to anyone with computer or mobile device and a working internet connection. With course material that is condensed into small bite-sized sessions, this makes learning easily accessible.

Moreover, online courses have far greater learning potential than other more traditional media. With e-learning you can blend media and learning aids to create a fully rounded learning experience that is both effective to a broad audience and designed to be as entertaining as possible. The only element left is to make courses that contribute to improving your life. For this, we chose Productivity.

It’s a little on the nose, we know. After all, we named our company after it. But the final element is Productivity. It’s a broad category, as it encompasses everything that allows you to do things better, faster and smarter. ‘Productivity’ perfectly encapsulates learning something that is useful and applicable in your daily life, both at work and beyond. There are plenty of things to learn, but learning how to become more productive is something that everyone strives towards and which will always have a positive contribution to your life.

Our vision then, is to provide online courses on the subject of productivity that are accessible, effective, useful and fun. All in order to help people engage in lifelong learning and to bring forth a future where online courses are the norm and learning has become a lifestyle.

Our Strategy – Methods and tools for productivity

Currently we develop online courses on methodologies and frameworks such as Lean Six Sigma and Agile. The methods, tools and philosophies used in these methodologies are widely applicable and can help people boost their productivity in a variety of ways. For the next few years we will continue to develop online courses along this trend.

However, we see an opportunity to develop online courses about personal effectiveness as well, which is an area we may branch out to in the future when our first suite of organizational productivity courses has been rounded out.

Our brand promise – Getting better every day
Our promise is that we will do everything in our power to help you get better at what you do, every day. But that promise also extends to ourselves. We promise that we will strive to improve at what we do every single day. Not only in the quality of our online courses, service and operations, but even in the personal and professional growth of our employees.

Because when we say we’re committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement – we mean it.

Core values – The values we work by

Every organization has its own core values. After all, values are what bind people together. Our values determine how we collaborate with one another and how we work in general. We take great pride in our core values and believe it is important to clearly communicate them to our customers, partners and anyone interested in joining our jolly little band of brothers.

Our core values guide us in making the right decisions for our organization. Not only in our team, but also when working with our customers and partners. It’s about how we treat each other and how we look at life in general. There’s more to work than business, and our values aren’t just a tool for public image. Living by our values is not a protocol but a privilege.

Our work methodology (a personalized blend between Scrum and Lean Six Sigma) allows us a great level of flexibility whilst simultaneously ensuring that we have a clear and structured way of working. Our way of working requires a broad skillset, which is why everyone should actively and freely share their knowledge and skills with one another. To us, living by our values is not a protocol, but a privilege.

Our growth mindset is the key to our success. Continuous Improvement is our mantra; when we make mistakes, we think of how to do better next time. And even when we do well, we think of how to do it even better next time. We always try to learn and improve, not just because it is vital to our survival as a business, but also because we genuinely enjoy it.

Being in a hurry presumes a panicked mindset, which is something you should never have. We try to be efficient and expedient in everything we do, but do not let deadlines and time constraints bother us. You can only be as fast as you can. If you try to be any faster, you’ll just slow yourself down.

Work is always going to be part of your life. We embrace this fact and work hard to make this part of our life as enjoyable as possible. Even if work isn’t home, it should be the next best thing. Feeling at home and having the freedom to be who you are at work is important to us. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be even half as productive as we are now.

Whatever goes wrong, we take responsibility for it. Even if it is not our fault, we should always think of ways to prevent a problem from happening. It is always our responsibility to ensure optimal quality and processes. This mindset of prevention is called Poka Yoke and originates from the Lean Production methodology.

We all come from varied backgrounds, but none of us have walked a standard career path. In fact, taking the road less travelled is a bit of a common denominator for our team, and it has helped us think outside of the box on many occasions. Being free from the constraints of convention allows our creativity to flourish, so we cherish our inner quirkiness.

Age is just a number. Embracing a growth mindset, having and looking at the world with wonderment and joy are all hallmarks of the young at heart that we cherish and encourage. Acting professional and acting your age are two different things. Our office is littered with snacks, footballs and there’s not a day that goes by without a practical joke, yet we always get the job done.

We believe that you should always try to have fun at everything you do. But we never lose sight of our values of politeness, modesty and thoughtfulness. At the end, we’re all people, and we’re all in this together, so it doesn’t hurt to be good and kind to one another. We accept each other’s flaws and peculiarities and help each other grow as people. This is our most important core value. Even if someone would embody all our other core values perfectly, not sharing this one would exclude them from ever joining our team.

We genuinely care about what we do, which is why we think it is important to be involved. Even if you’re not responsible for a task, you should still feel somewhat involved, and always be ready to contribute. In the end, everything’s a team effort, and it should feel that way.

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Our Philosophy

If you’ve read about us a little, you’ll know that we want to make learning interesting and fun again. To us, that’s not just a promotional pep-talk with hollow phrases, but a business philosophy that we take very seriously. In education, boredom is waste, and that’s something we want to eradicate at all costs. Removing boredom from the equation is the first step and most important step in increasing productivity.