About The Productivity Company


Our Company

We are a fast-growing e-learning company, providing online courses on a variety of subjects in collaboration with our expert partner organizations.

Our office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in the Van Nelle Factory, a former tobacco, tea and coffee-factory that has been repurposed into an office park, considered to be one of the 25 most beautiful factories in the world, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Our Humble Beginnings

The Productivity Company was founded in late 2016, born out of a request from The Lean Six Sigma Company to create an online course out of one of their classroom workshops.

We immediately set to work on this assignment, making it our priority to create more than just a series of dull instructional videos accompanied by verbatim transcripts, like many others had already done before us. To this end, we developed an e-learning platform with a format designed to be accessible, educative and most importantly, entertaining.


Our Ambition

Needless to say, our hard work paid off and our first online course was a great success. Following this first success, we began to broaden our horizons and set forth our ambitions for the future. We decided we wanted to take the world of online courses and e-learning by storm, and become the leading pioneers in the era of digital education.

Ambitious, we know, but nothing great was ever forged from low standards and expectations.


Our Mission

Put simply, our mission is to elevate the standard of e-learning to the next level by creating high quality content together with our partners: experts and organizations that share our vision on digital education and our passion for increasing productivity through the efficient and effective sharing of knowledge.

Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about. Increasing your productivity, or, as the Oxford Dictionary defines it: “The effectiveness of productive effort, as measured in terms of the rate of output.’’

We recognize that we live in an age where you have to continuously develop yourself, your knowledge and your skillset in order to keep up with the ever-evolving advances in information and technology. And our efforts are aimed at providing our customers with a means to those ends; compact e-learning solutions for the self-developing professional.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where your professional development doesn’t always have to take place in a classroom, but can be done wherever and whenever you like. On your laptop when you’re having a coffee at a café, on your cellphone when commuting, on your personal computer at home, or even when taking a short break at work. This vision of ours is what inspired our slogan, the motto by which we design all our products:

“Learning shouldn’t be a struggle or a chore; it should be a lifestyle.”

Our Future

In order to realize our ambitions and pave the road towards our vision of the future, it is our pleasure to
continue working with the leading experts in a variety of fields, and together finding new ways to
increase productivity and to make learning less of a chore, and more of a lifestyle.

If you want to join us on our journey, and contribute to our ever-expanding portfolio of courses, don’t
hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to working with you!

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Our Philosophy

If you’ve read about us a little, you’ll know that we want to make learning interesting and fun again. To us, that’s not just a promotional pep-talk with hollow phrases, but a business philosophy that we take very seriously. In education, boredom is waste, and that’s something we want to eradicate at all costs. Removing boredom from the equation is the first step and most important step in increasing productivity.