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To do so you need to increase your productivity, which the Oxford Dictionary defines as: ”The effectiveness of productive effort, as measured in terms of the rate of output.’’

It is our ambition to provide you with practical knowledge to increase your personal productivity. We will do so by offering you a suite of online courses. Our online courses are developed in cooperation with industry leaders and are meant to set a new standard in productivity. We are happy to certify delegates from all industries and from all over the world.

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Learning how to Learn

This free introductory course is meant to not only to teach you about learning and the didactic theories used in online learning, but also to offer a glimpse into our course format and the production quality of our courses.

You will be guided through some of the theories of learning, their practical applicability to you, and several pieces of practical advice on studying in general.

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Comfortable learning experience
Thanks to the intuitive platform you can start your online course straight away. You can view our courses using any device which has online capability. These online courses are designed to provide an effective learning experience at your own pace.

Taught by Experts
The content of our online courses are developed in close collaboration with industry experts. Your tutors are recognised for their proficiency in the respective fields and often have many years of teaching experience.

At the end of the lessons, a quiz will allow you to test your knowledge. These quizzes will prepare you for the exam of the end of the course. Passing the exam leads to recognised certification. 

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The Productivity Company experience

The Productivity Company began with a vision of a world where learning is no longer something associated with crowded classrooms, dusty books and looming structures. Instead, we see a world where online courses have become the preferred method of learning. Of course, this vision isn’t so far removed from reality. We live in an age where digitalization is rampant, the digital economy has begun to dominate the financial world, and where learning by way of online courses is already well on its way to becoming the established norm. We believe that with the advent of the digital era of globalization, both the supply and demand of knowledge have changed immensely. Where not so long ago education and knowledge were an expensive privilege, nowadays most information has become freely available. Adapting to this reality, The Productivity Company has made it its goal to provide online courses that are cost-efficient, easily accessible and of high quality. To this end, we have created our digital e-learning platform, on which we will host a variety of quality online courses in collaboration with our partner organizations.
When designing our digital platform, we did so with the ambition to elevate the standard of e-learning platforms to a higher level. Learning has to be not only effective, but also fun and accessible. Too often are digital learning platforms bland, mechanical and tedious; qualities that impede productivity rather than stimulate it! We imagine a world where studying means meeting up with a couple of friends, setting up your laptops and taking a couple of online courses together, all under the enjoyment of a nice cup of coffee and the pleasure of each other’s company. Studying doesn’t have to be a solitary act, nor does it have to be boring, tedious or stifling in any way.We imagine a world where you can learn more on the beach, sipping away at a coconut cocktail and basking in the sun, than you can sitting in class 5-B with your 30 fellow students.A world where the borders between leisure and learning have faded, and what was once considered a burden is now considered a reward. 

Learning shouldn’t be a struggle or a chore; it should be a lifestyle.

The Productivity Company